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Novosil, emulsion concentrate,

(plant growth regulator, immunity inductor) recommendations for use

Compatibility with other pesticides – compatible with known herbicides and fungicides.
● Danger class – IV.
● Impact rate – 4-6 days after use.
● Not phytotoxic, no observed resistance.
● Recommendations for the protection of flora and fauna – not required.
● Period of action – activation of immunity lasts from 2 to 3 weeks during processing at low doses, immunity
activation continues at high doses until cultigen matures.

● First aid in case of poisoning – if the emulsion gets on the skin or mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse the
damaged areas with water. When in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water or saline solution. When
getting inside, you need to induce vomiting or gastric lavage.
● Safety Precautions – when working, it is essential to follow generally accepted safety precautions and hygiene
● Application technology: The emulsion needs to be thoroughly mixed! To prepare the working solution, it is
necessary to calculate the weight of the drug using a spreadsheet and measure it by measuring device. The drug
should be diluted in warm water at a temperature of 35-60 °С, mixed thoroughly, under complete dilution
control. It is recommended to dilute the drug in a relatively small volume of water (bucket). The pre-diluted
solution should then be poured into a tank and brought to working volume. Consumption of the drug is given in
the Table 1 for single treatment of green mass of plants with a working solution by the method of thin spraying.
Processing is recommended in the morning or evening, in dry weather.
● Storage – in a dry closed place, at a temperature of 0 to 30 ° С, with protection from direct sunlight, not more
than 2 years.


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